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Saturday, June 3, 2017

1852- The Route to Texas- Maps

We have very few clues as to which roads our ancestors actually traveled. 

We can see where they had relatives along the way- likely spots to stop, rest, visit, and learn about the way ahead (separate post)

 We can also look and see where there were ferries available to cross the larger rivers (separate post)

Luckily there are also some old maps of the time. From these we can see which modern roads follow the original roads, and try and chart possible paths west. (After you click on the link, you can click again on each map to zoom in and see more details.) I had always thought of these 1852 pioneers to Texas traveling through the wilderness, but from what we see of these maps, this was not the case. For the most part, they would have followed an existing route which passed through established towns along the way.

1845 Map of Mississippi

1852 Map of Mississippi

1850 Map of Louisiana

1853 Map of Louisiana

Using the location of our ancestors homes in Mississippi and Texas, their relatives homes in 1850, and the possible routes from the old maps and information on routes west at the time, I came up with a couple of possibilities for their journey. Of course, this is just a guess! They may have gone a different way- but this gives me some idea of what their journey MAY have looked like!

1852- Possible routes from Rankin Co. Miss to Trinity Co. Tx

* Although it is a later date, this 1880 railroad map of Mississippi and Louisiana still gives us a good idea of what might have been a good route from Rankin County; surely the railroad followed a practical route accessing major towns of the can see Cato, the Rankin County home of the Franklin's, on this map, as well as Flowery Mound, the home of the Campbell's in Concordia Parish. The railroad follows from Jackson, Miss. south paralleling the Natchez Trace to Natchez, then straight westward, going north of the lake in Catahoula Parish, then down to Alexandria, and branching at Burkeville Tx. with the southern branch going to Woodville in Tyler Co. Tx. (which would have passed through Wood Bluff.)

1882 Railroad map Miss and La.

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