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Sunday, May 14, 2017

1770 Map of Colonial Virginia and Womack Migrations through Virginia

Today I found a 1770 Map of Virginia, surveyed by John Henry (the father of Patrick Henry) and published by Thomas Jefferys of London.

 This map is available for zooming at the Library of Congress site- which helps to see some of the rivers and names of residents.

 After zooming in I focused on the section below which contains Henrico, Chesterfield, Amelia, and Lunenburg County.

This map gave me a much better feel for why our Womack ancestors moved on to Amelia County and Lunenburg County Virginia; they were just a step away from their home in Henrico (what by the time of this map became Chesterfield) County.

Portion of 1770 Map of Virginia 

In Chesterfield County we see "Swifts Creek" - which is listed on Richard Womack's deeds- he lived north of the creek and the Appomattox River. Some of his neighbors are listed on the map; the Kennon's across Swifts Creek, and the Eppes at the confluence of the Appomattox and the James. (See other map for a more complete list of the Womack's neighbors in Henrico/Chesterfield.)

People in this post-
"Old Richard Womack" b 1674 m. Elizabeth Puckett (his cousin)
His son, Richard Womack b 1710 m. Ann "Nancy" Childers abt 1730, Henrico Parish

To the southern part of the county we see the town of Petersburg, and to the southwest we see near the border of Amelia County, Wintipock Creek. Richard (b 1710) was living in Amelia County by 1730 when he had land at Wentipock Creek, north of the Appomattox River. This would have been a short voyage by boat down the River from his land in Henrico. (Deeds 1725-1736 p. 16 Henrico Co Va.) Old Richard Womack's (b 1674) also left 250 acres of his land here to George Carter, who in 1726 sold it to Thomas Jefferson. The plantation was called "Winterpock" at first, then Eppington, when it passed on to the Eppes family.

According to a deposition by James Archdeacon/Cody ( husband of Sarah Womack and son in law of Richard b 1710) "Old Richard Womack" (Richard b 1674) had give his son Richard (b 1710) 400 acres in Halifax County (which was then changed to 300 acres plus his "Negro wench Tabb,") but the younger Richard said he would rather live in Lunenburg and so the two worked out a deal where "Old Richard" gave his son 200 acres in Lunenburg instead of the 300 acres of land in Halifax. After the deal was completed, Richard (b 1710) moved to Lunenburg to land adjoining his father, who died in 1723.

 Records show that in 1737 He had 150 acroes on the Appomattox River at Sapponey Creek. He was involved in land transactions here with his sons; Thomas, Matthew, and Richard. He was  in Amelia County in 1739 when he patented 200 acres on  Tommchitton Swamp.

But young Richard was an adventurer like his grandfather. He would soon be exploring southward toward new lands outside of Virginia.

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