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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Timeline for Jesse Womack's Extended Family in North Carolina and Georgia

Apr 23
Amelia County, Va.
Richard Womack purchases land
Lunenburg Co. Va.
Abraham Womack private in Va. Colonial Militia, French and Indian War (serves with John Mitchell-future brother in law)
Orange Co. NC
Aug 1761, Orange Co, NC Court minutes, 57-252, "Ordered that Richard Womack, Jacob Womack, Abraham Womack, Josiah Aldey {sic, Richard Womack's son-in-law}, Robert McFarland, Andrew Evans, Frederick Kerlock, Robert Donaldson, Hugh Barnet, William Barnet, William Chambers Jr, Edward Chambers & John Hurley be appointed a jury to lay out and open a road to begin where the road from the County line crosses the road leading from where John Pryor, Esq lives to Orange County house, thence ... to .. Granville County line, and that Edward Chambers, Robert McFarland & Thomas Douglas be appointed overseers."
Granville Co. NC
Abraham Womack marries Martha Mitchell
Orange Co. NC
Abraham Womack buys 166 acres on Hico Creek adjoining land of John Pryor (patent book 14, p.385) dated 7 Jun 1761
Orange Co NC
Abraham buys 205 acres Mayo Creek (formerly belonging to Philip Pryor)
St. George Parish Ga. (later Burke Co. now Jefferson Co.)
3 Sep 1771, St. George Parish, GA {later Burke Co, GA; the area where the Womacks lived is modern Jefferson Co, GA}. Georgia Land Owner's Memorial 1758-1776. John Womack, 100 acres, St. George Parish, 2/100, 14 Dec 1771. Bounded on NW by John Emanuel, SW by Richd Womack and Peter Grant, other sides vacant. Granted to self 3 Sep 1771. Signed by Abraham Womack for John Womack.
Rocky Comfort Creek, Burke, Ga.
Richard Womack and his wife were living here with four children and six negroes. Colonial Records of GeorgiaVol. X page 897.
Rocky Comfort Creek, Burke, Ga.
Capt. Jonathan Kemp moved from NC to St. George Parish (Burke Co) in abt 1768 and bought 100 acres of land on Rocky Creek. Here he met and married Sally “Patsy” Womack. Colonial Records of Georgia by Chandler Vol. XII page 52
Orange Co NC
30 Mar 1772, Orange Co, NC, Orange Co, NC Deed Book 3, p.483, dated 30 Mar 1772, Abraham Womack of Orange to Alexander Davison of same, 205 acres, W side of May Creek {sic, Mayo Creek in modern north-east Person Co, NC}, on Thomas King's line, formerly Philip Pryor's.
note that in 1777 the northern part of orange county became caswell county
Nov 15
St. George (Burke Co.) Ga.
St. George Parish, GA - Richard Womack of St George to son Jesse Womack, slave Tom, witnessed by Abraham Womack and Martha (her M mark) Womack; proved by Abraham Womack 9 Dec 1773.
Jonathan Kemp was a Captain in Burke’s Regt, NC Militia during the Revolution. Then returned to Georgia
Nov 3
Wilkes Co. Ga.
Wilkes Co, GA, Abraham Womack warrant for 500 acres, warrant dated 3 Nov 1783; surveyed 6 Nov 1783; on Gravils Creek, near Powels Creek of Ogechee, bounding on all sides by vacant land. (granted 1785)
Nov 3
Wilkes Co. Ga.
Wilkes Co, GA, Abraham Womack warrant for 300 acres, warrant dated 3 Nov 1783; surveyed 6 Nov 1783; on the head of Harden's Creek of Little River, bounded by vacant land on all sides. (granted 1789)
Burke Co. Ga.
Jonathan Kemp elected to the Georgia Legislature and serves as a Justice in Burke Co.
Jan 28
Burke Co. Ga.
Francis Boykin (later migrates to Tombigbee) a “refugee soldier” of Burke Co. Appoints Jonathan Kemp, Esq. to obtain his bounty land.
Burke Co. Ga.
Headrights include:Boykin, Francis and Jesse, Coleman, Francis, Fussell, William, Harvey, Blassingame, Kemp, Daniel, Pace, James, Prior, Robert, Warmack, Mary, Warmock, Jesse (plus Taylors, Walkers, and others)
Jan 20

Death of Sally “Patsy” Womack Kemp
Jonathan Kemp remarries Elizabeth Cox
Hancock Co. Ga.
Abraham Womack deeds land and possessions to children, witnessed by David Womack
May 25
Hancock Co. Ga.
Abraham and Martha Womack deed Francis Coleman, husband of dtr. Mary, 75 acres on Graybill’s Creek Hancock Co., GA Deed Book B, 1794-1802, pages 475, 545, 546
June 2
Hancock Co. Ga.
Last Will and Testament of Abraham Womack, Book A page 219, Hancock Co., GA. Dated 2 June 1797, Court of Ordinary. 

St. Helena La.
Jonathan Kemp and his sons sign a petition for claim to West Florida titles
Mississippi Territorial Papers of the United States Vol. V 1798-1817page 168

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